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Have website made, cost.

The cost of a website or e-commerce must be proportional to the project and realistic revenue projections based on a diagnosis of the market, product, company resources and potential customer. The decisive factor is the success achieved after careful consideration of the advantages and disadvantages. However, there are some considerations to be made about the numbers. We must be aware that a cheap product is worth little. The accounts must first be created in collaboration with those who have been working for the web for years, constantly following the updates. People who can explain everything you need to know before you write a single line of code.

We do not recommend anyone to do it themselves to save money. Time, energy and money are wasted.

Price lists on the Internet are among the most diverse. There are presentation pages of 5/6 pages for 1,500 euros or e-commerce for 3,000 / 4,000 euros. There are offers starting from 25,000 euros. As in any sector, the cost of a site varies depending on the working time and the quality of the final product. First of all, we need to evaluate the professionalism and skills of each agency or freelancer. There are people who are faster at creating graphical layouts and coding lines of code, and others who are slower. It makes little sense to base the cost of a website solely on the time factor (hours / labor).

What is to be expected from the customer is, above all, quality. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to put emphasis on quality.

First, we need to make a distinction. There are customers who have a clear idea of what they want to achieve. Others instead, who want to rely entirely on the professional. They look for in it a valid guide to identify together the objectives of the project. In the first case, the professional also works as a consultant alongside the client to help them with the right strategies. A result is never achieved without an appropriate strategy.

In the second case, the professional must carry out a preventive diagnosis of the activity of the client, its product or service, the market in which it must be positioned, the buyer personalities and the expectations of the client for the web project. This applies to the creation of a website as well as to the creation of an e-commerce.

In both situations, it is better for the customer not to immediately express a desire to keep costs down. In order to win the client, web agencies often undertake to work cheaply and produce work of equally low quality. We’re not just talking about results in terms of design. We’re talking mostly about websites that help grow the business, both as a brand and in terms of revenue. A website represents a company’s image to millions of potential customers. It may be simple, but above all it must be effective. It is therefore advisable that the customer primarily receives a highly efficient product and does not save on production costs. A few thousand euros difference does not affect the corporate budget, especially if it allows a strong increase in profits.

the essential elements for evaluating the cost of a website:

  • The website must be aligned with a strategy aimed at increasing corporate profits.
  • The website must be designed to dominate the competition.
  • The website must be designed to respond to search queries from potential visitors.
  • The website must be configured to convert visits into useful contacts (orders).
  • The website must be in line with the design trends of the industry.
  • The website must offer impeccable performance in terms of speed and reliability.
  • The website must prove to be rich in features aimed at the target users.
  • The website must be optimized for the major search engines.
  • The website must provide easy management of updates.

If you are looking for savings at any cost, you can’t expect much.

Presentation page from 5/6 pages to 1,500 euros.

In most cases, these websites are created starting from a template. It is a graphical base that can also be downloaded for free. Thanks to a few hours of modifications, the templates are more or less customized to the look the client likes. These are non-tailored graphics and coding that are probably only suitable for a business card site. On the other hand, rather ugly. A site with this number is not expected to contain dynamic functions and interactions with a database.

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