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Connecting people

Today, video is the most widely used medium for corporate communications. In addition to sponsoring the brand, you can show a product even before its realization.

By using corporate videos, it is possible to share information quickly and effectively, and to instruct, train or raise awareness of the user immediately.
The video increases visibility and sharing via social networks and the Internet, making marketing via the network more effective.
Your video will be used to reach more customers and get them to know your brand at trade shows and events. The mechanical eye in Düsseldorf, creates imagevideos, messe reportage, commercials, music videos, video interviews and much more!


Düsseldorf is an international city where many cultures live peacefully. Continuous exchange is the basis of all creative work. The mechanical eye offers video productions of the highest quality thanks to the multiculturalism and experience of its team.
We combine the famous „Made in Italy“ and the great Italian film school with German elegance and design. Düsseldorf, our home and constant source of inspiration, has given us great professional and human moments.

Positive growth.

Our services

Pre-production of a video is a very tricky thing. Our team in Düsseldorf takes care of understanding the client’s wishes and translating them into a sequence of images. Storyboard. The creative effort and the use of unconventional solutions characterize this service.

A professional video production needs a team that is tailored to the needs of our clients. For this reason, the team is tailored to the projects to be implemented.

After recording the video, we start the post-production of the recording in Düsseldorf. The cut and color correction is done with state-of-the-art software such as Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut X, etc.

Music & Voice Over
Thanks to many years of cooperation with professional actors and composers of international reputation, we can guarantee our video production Düsseldorf the maximum result.

Motion Design & 3D Animations
We also produce animations, advertising buffers, opening and closing credits, subtitles with advanced computer systems.

4K technology
For our video productions in Düsseldorf and in Europe we use very high resolution Sony, Balckmagic and Nikon cameras. Since 2015, our studio is Nikon Professional Service with an enviable collection of photo and film lenses.

The image of your company in the best light.
A company’s image is its business card, and a high-quality video makes all the difference in the marketplace. We create these videos with creativity and critical sense to show the true essence of your brand.

Find the perfect employee
These videos are often used by current companies to search for qualified personnel for open positions. We work with several cameras, sound engineers and professional make-up artists. If necessary, we also look for suitable filming locations.

An event for ever
Small or big, we will film this event indelibly. Corporate event or theatrical performance, opening of a trade fair, presentation of a new business in town, a music concert or a ballet, for us it makes no difference. Our team will make sure that it will be unforgettable. We can film with up to 4 cameras at the same time, with steadycam, tripod, drones and sliders.

Storytelling with style
Videos for social media marketing are a must in the entertainment industry today. The better the content published on social media, the better the results in terms of engagement and conversion. With us, your social media will be a success!

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