The importance of a job application photo: what works and what doesn’t.

The application photo in your resume is a very important element

This is often underestimated or omitted by many people looking for work, who resort to amateur resume writing.
  • Be remembered by the recruiter or employer and put a face to the name
  • to support the emotional effect, which complements the rational of the input information
  • Transfer values, attributes and positive personality traits such as precision, reliability, seriousness, professionalism, self-care, accuracy, sunshine, good looks and so on.

So you understand its importance and the competitive advantage this element can give you with the same capabilities! Or rather, what you lose in competitiveness if you neglect it. It does little good to think, „I want to be judged on my skills, not my looks,“ because your looks are a part of you.

Five types of photography you should avoid in your resume

1- The Selfie

The recruiter or employer doesn’t care unless you are applying for a modeling or similar job that actually requires beauty. Nobody likes narcissists.
Therefore, avoid Poser photos taken with your cell phone.

2- Photos with other people

The motivation is similar to the selfie. The result is to confuse the recruiter who does not understand who his interlocutor is. The photo must convey clarity and support the reader’s perception, must not create ambiguity, so this type of photo should also be avoided.

3- Blurred and poorly cropped photos

This is a possible variant of the previous mistake, where candidates choose their own photo from everyday life, which is not very clear. If your application photo looks like this, you are communicating to the viewer that you are approximate and elusive.

4- Photos with grimaces or threatening faces

Taking a professional job application photo yourself is not an easy task. Often you can’t manage your facial expressions because you’re too focused on taking the photo. The right smile, not crude in the photos, is very important: if, despite numerous attempts, the result is caused by unnatural grimaces, dark, threatening and shadowy faces, there is a risk that you will give the recruiter a bad first impression.

5 – Retouched photo

You should NEVER lie about your appearance. Think of the recruiter’s reaction to taking your picture and then seeing an almost completely different person come in! They would give the image of a dishonest and unreliable smart person who was already disqualified before the start.


Application photo are not an easy thing. It needs a professional photographer who can guide you. We, The Mechanical Eye make application photo in Dusseldorf of great beauty. Want to know more? see the link below!

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