Social Media Agency Request. Why?

Social Media Agency Request. Why?

Social networks are communication channels like other media in that they are tools that allow a company to reach a large audience, communicate its story and its values. Social networks are often underestimated or regarded only as „places of leisure“ and therefore relegated to leisure time. They are indeed fundamental communication tools for a company, big or small. To be or not to be in social media has not been an option for a long time: since 2018, everyone has at least one profile on the most popular platforms. We all understood that social media are not only places of entertainment, but also excellent channels to discover the latest news and find the information we are looking for. The choice depends more on how they will be used, because if updating a personal profile based on your interests and groups of friends can be easy and accessible to everyone, managing a page at the corporate level is a completely different matter: it is an activity that requires time and concentration, good knowledge of the different platforms and web tools, as well as of the commercial sector in which you operate and the target to which you can turn.

Social media communication should not be improvised, especially for activities that have already begun. We need to find the right approach to immediately grab users‘ attention, engage them with quality content, and be able to stand out in such a crowded space. In social media, communication is fast, not very commercial, and two-way, as users can interact and respond in real time. The message must hit the mark and be memorable. To maintain the corporate image on social media, you need to express the idea, story and values of the company, choose the right language that reflects them, is suitable for the platform and can arouse the curiosity of users.

A company page is only the beginning, the starting point for an advertising campaign

Once the site has been created, it is necessary to define a communication strategy, develop an editorial plan and identify the most appropriate means and forms to convey the brand image to the site in an appealing and appropriate way. In short, the company must be able to speak the right language for the platform and its target audience. These are activities that require the use of highly specialized resources with a good dose of technical, communication, commercial and management skills. After understanding the importance of communicating a coherent corporate image and language suitable for different media, the fateful decision arises: Entrust the management of social media to an agency or do it yourself?

What else can a social media agency do?

An employee of the company can easily update the accounts in the various social networks, make spontaneous and new interventions and always be informed about what is happening, because he lives the company from the inside and knows well its environment and values. However, he does not have the overview that only a social media manager can have, an expert on both the platform and the digital environment and market sector. The social media manager coordinates the editorial plan, follows a well-defined line of communication with the client, reviews community sentiment and interprets feedback data on various activities, evaluates which are useful, and decides to change course if necessary .

What differentiates the agency approach from the „do it yourself“ approach is precisely this overall vision, combined with the ability to have an entire team of professionals in the various web areas at their disposal to compare notes with in order to achieve even better results.

By collaborating with copywriters, graphic designers, SEO analysts, programmers and other professionals, an agency’s social media managers have tremendous added value compared to less structured realities.


Social networks are communication channels that offer a set of valid tools to communicate a brand’s idea, story and vision. Like all media, social channels have characteristics that you need to know in order to realize their full potential. If it seems easy to be present in social media, managing the corporate image of a brand is a completely different matter: online reputation is not achieved by improvising, but it is necessary to plan a good strategy and know the tools of each channel, taking this into account the objectives to be achieved.

You can also do it all yourself, as we have seen that the „do it yourself“ approach is usually the first to be applied when deciding to open a social channel. However, one quickly realizes that specific and transversal skills are required for valid results, and therefore turns to a communications professional. The mechanical eye, has been successfully engaged for years in social media management for companies of national and international importance. If you contact us, you will receive a free and non-binding initial analysis of the necessary measures and a strategy hypothesis!

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