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Product photography


Product photography

On the web, the value of a product is only perceived through image.

The decisive factor for a sale

Welcome to the world of product photography! It is all about presenting products in an appealing way and promoting sales. Good product photography can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful product.
Product photography requires careful planning and preparation. The photographer must know the product in order to stage it in the best possible way. He also has to know and understand the target audience in order to present the product properly.
The background is an important aspect of product photography. It must complement the product and not distract from it. A monochrome background is often the best choice because it emphasises the product. Some photographers also choose a natural background that shows the product in a realistic environment.
Light also plays an important role in product photography. It must illuminate the product optimally to make all details visible. An experienced product photographer often uses special lighting techniques to perfectly illuminate the product.
Perspective is also an important factor in product photography. The photographer must position the product so that it looks attractive and all important details are visible. The choice of angle can have a great impact on the perception of the product.
Product photography can be used for many purposes, such as e-commerce websites, advertising campaigns and catalogues. Good product photography can create confidence in the product and increase sales.
If you are looking for professional product photography, you should choose an experienced photographer who understands the product and its target audience. With the right technique and creativity, the product can be presented in the best possible way, thus promoting its success.

Images attract attention and it is important to work on them to create perfect visual content. The choice of one product or another in the same market is often determined solely by perceived quality. Product photography can make the difference here. The Mechanical Eye, in Düsseldorf, offers high-quality product photography services, in the studio or on location.

There is one aspect that should never be forgotten in e-commerce: the perceived value of your products and the reliability of your business often depends on the quality of your website’s photos and design. And in this day and age, we at The Mechanical Eye Studio know for sure that a large part of a website’s appeal often has to do with high-quality product photographs. It is not just a question of aesthetics. Displaying high-quality photos can be the deciding factor for a sale. Especially if you sell your products on other marketplaces, where the items for sale are displayed alongside those of your competitors, or if you sell on platforms where image is crucial.

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