How do I create a good video in form and content? Let’s find out together.

Youtube has more than one billion hours per day.

Every day we are bombarded with thousands of videos that appear on the home pages of our social networks. Youtube alone has more than a billion hours per day. You got it right: one day! Once upon a time, audiovisual content distribution was slow, difficult, costly, and limited. Today, with a simple click, anyone can access – or rather „share“ – a simple and fast form of distribution and reach a large number of people completely free of charge.

But in the age of viral phenomena, what good is it to create a good video in terms of form and content? First and foremost, it serves to distinguish itself from the multitude of videos uploaded to social networks and video-sharing platforms, chaotically populated by films that are often only approximately shot. It’s not true that a viral video necessarily has to be silly – rest assured, you don’t have to do embarrassing dances, dive into surreal situations, or generally make a fool of yourself in front of a camera – a well-made video is often appreciated by the network’s public precisely because it emerges. at a higher quality level than the video standards mentioned above.

In this article we would like to share with you the 5 rules to follow whenever you create and publish a video on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you are a business or an individual, a professional or an amateur.

1 – Video Storytelling

The key to success lies in the story. Mythopoeia has always been rooted in the human being who satisfies the incessant need for good stories, and whether they are oral stories, videos, movies, plays, songs, novels, comics, or video games, it doesn’t matter. This does not mean that our narrative strategy must necessarily involve the invention of a fictional story. It’s also important to bring your storytelling skills into play to make our storytelling process incredibly fascinating.

Identify the main points of your project and tell your it clearly, in simple words and without too many filters.

2 – Your Target

Unfortunately, not everyone will like your video. It is virtually impossible to get people of different ages and tastes to agree. First, you need to understand who you are targeting, consistently shape your ideas, and adapt them to the anthropological, cultural, identity, economic, and social characteristics of your target audience. So try to take a pen and paper, make a list of questions, and come up with answers for yourself. This is a basic step to perform an accurate analysis of your target audience.

3 – How to edit a video

Don’t get lost in small talk. The user has the mouse/knife on the handle side. If he feels annoyed or bored, he can pause the video immediately. At this point you are screwed. Remember that you can take pauses between speeches, pauses that make the speech more pleasant and orderly. But don’t take it too lightly, avoid stopping too long. Finally, you can use editing to remove dead spots or omit parts of speech (we recommend Adobe Premiere Pro if you use Windows, or Final Cut Pro X if you have an Apple computer).

4 – Audio

Whether it’s a spoken video or a sequence of images with music underneath, you need to know that audio does 50% of the work. Always record your voice with a high-quality microphone, preferably outside the camcorder – in post-production, synchronize the two tracks – and choose the background music carefully. Choose the soundtrack of your film well, as it is important to give the images a high level of pathos, an emotional charge that they cannot exert alone.

5- Pay attention to the title, thumbnail and description.

Pay attention to information like title, description and thumbnail (which you can create in a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop). Before a video is displayed, it must be opened. For this reason, you need to package your product in an attractive way so that people who come across your content are prompted to click to view it.
In some cases, an effective marketing strategy is required to guide the video on its way to fame, but this is not essential.

Now you have everything you need to create an effective video. Thank you for reading this article and we hope you will continue to follow us!

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