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Welcome to the world of food photography! Here, everything revolves around the perfect picture of delicious food and drinks. Food photography is an art form that focuses on presenting food and drink in the most appealing way possible.
Food photography requires an understanding of light, shadows, colours, textures and composition. Most food photographers use professional cameras and lenses to capture the details of food and drink. They experiment with different lighting and background techniques to achieve the perfect look.
The background plays an important role in food photography. It should complement the subject without distracting from it. Some food photographers use a simple white or black background, while others prefer a natural background that reflects the essence of the dish. Some also choose an intricately designed background that enhances the look of the food.

Colours are an important part of food photography. Every food has its own colours and textures that need to be emphasised. An experienced food photographer knows which colours and textures harmonise with each other and how best to emphasise them.
Composition is another important factor in food photography. The photographer must arrange the food so that it looks appealing and enticing. The placement of cutlery, plates and glasses can make a big difference. The choice of angle is also important to bring out the beauty of the food.
Food photography can be used for many purposes, such as cookbooks, restaurant menus, food packaging and advertising campaigns. It is an art form that is constantly growing and evolving. With the right technique and creativity, you can showcase your food in the best possible way.
At Das mechanische Auge, in Düsseldorf-Pempelfort, we create professional photos for restaurants, cafés. Food pictures and photo art. Your culinary creations, restaurant rooms, menus are artfully photographed, the food pictures create a grandiose atmosphere for your restaurant guests. After photo shoots in your restaurant, we create food photo art that embellishes rooms or sets wonderful advertising accents on the Internet. Looking for food photography in Düsseldorf and NRW? We are the team for you!
Food pictures are the best restaurant advertising for your guests, who appreciate noble inviting photo advertising. This creates a bond between restaurant and guests. We offer: Cookbook photography, photo books, cookbooks and much more. All photos and art pictures are not just professionally composed but with great passion, therefore they are clearly different from photos and photographer services on the market. You can describe your dishes in a thousand words, but nothing is as direct and to the point as a photo that depicts textures, colours and beauty. A good photo can change your image for the better and also improve the appearance of your website, blog, menu or restaurant. When we think of social networks, it is important to have good images to attract the attention of your community and stand out from the many content available.

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