Fair Photography Düsseldorf, Hannover, Köln, Essen, Berlin

As Fair Photographers, we have to face every day with many expectations from our customers:

photography of the fair in its entirety, a stand or the spaces dedicated to the stands. Photos of the products on display or services offered, as well as photography of visitors and guests at the parties organized at the fair. And of course photographic documentation of the entire course of a fair from the set up to the dismantling of the stands. As our client, you must expect photographic material that is more than technically perfect, that can be used for purposes related to Public Relations, but also stand photography stand, your products or services, your  guests and finally for your company, represented according to your wishes. doesn’t matter if your company is positioned in a traditional, innovative, ecological, dynamic sectors, etc. After all, You don’t think your exhibition as an end in itself. Your goal is the optimal marketing of your company, your products or services.


Thanks to our partnership with HM Business Travels, we offer photographic services for trade shows in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hannover, Frankfurt, Berlin, Essen and many others, our experiences with leading companies such as Trivago, Chanel, Candy-Hoover, Telekom, we can guarantee services of the highest quality. Send us an email with your wishes and we will find the right solution!


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